A game by Mr StiK

( No spoilers were harmed while making this game (?) )

A  game made for the scratch jam 2!!!

The theme is: [CLASSIFIED!]



Hey Developer, we've got some BAD news; people are trying to spoil your secret PROJECT!!! Hackers have launched their Program And Controls (PACs). Fortunately, you got an anti-spoiler, don't you? And unfortunately, it is a bit screwed...

Control the Anti-Spoiler, AKA your SHIELD (safety hacker insulation electro laser defence) to defend the spoiler pacs. GO GET 'EM



Controls: Left and Right or A and D keys to turn the SHIELD.

Don't let the PACs get the source.

Collect heal points! But remember: Heal must touch SOURCE. If it hits SHIELD, it vanishes!!!


Tetris Mania by Mr.StiK


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I should enter the next jam if you won this one!


Cool i like it


I love the game idea, maybe the speed of enemies should increase. You can just replace enemy speed with a variable that increases every few seconds. Another thing that can improve is the art because I dont really understand the player, but other than this very cool game.

if you've noticed, there is a speed variable that you've suggested long time ago.

And sorry, was just using trackpad :(


Nice game. The story is there, and the visuals are there. However, the game gets a little easy and repetitive after about 20 PACS. I see they kinda speed up a little bit, but simply adding more PACS on the screen at once will add the difficulty previously missing. A simple clone script should do the trick. The health pack adds a nice touch of diversity to the game. And impact feels dull. When a PAC hits my SHIELD, I should feel it. An animation that plays when I kill a PAC would make the game feel more dynamic. Great game all around. Keep it up!

yeah, these were also in my mind. I'll add em as soon as I can

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like the  game but maybe add mobile support 

surely, why not?

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