StiK 2: The FACTORY by Mr.StiK_101

The Adventure Continues...

After StiK saved everyone's life from the menacing pit, the underground department decided to kidnap him, when he was trying to save his uncle's cat (seriously???)  He is now trapped on the Factory, of the old dead Sir Headward Williams Stickleton. It's now on Stik's hands with his fate to change; falling, a place with no end...

Can StiK live and change his judged fate, or not? 

What could go wrong...

Note: No Stick Mans were harmed when making this game.

Developer's Note: This game was EpiK HARD to make. I spent half of my life making this. Hope you'll like it.


(creator of StiK)


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, Point & Click, stickman, stik

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this is genuinely inspiring imma go make a wick editor game

(1 edit)

heyyy my idea was in the game that's Epik

yup, i think that idea was great for a twisting intro, so, yeah ;)


Keep up the good work!


I got to say, its better than the last one!

It contained fewer animations than the last one, but, let's see...Thanks for the compliment. ;)