Minute ticks 1: My first jam submission

Day 0

I made this game for my first ever jam, No Code Jam #2, which means make a game within 72 hours from scratch in a software that doesn't use text codes, but no codes, means coding like drag and drop. I was excited to participate on my very first jam. But this was the main problem; I had 3 exams in the last day of jam and it's raining cats and dogs. And need to study Social Science. This was kind of a bad news but I didn't  lose hope. I knew I got to do this. So, I made the project before the jam, set all the welcome notes like Mr.StiK, Made in Scratch, Submission to the no code jam #2 and all. 

Day 1

So, I got the theme of the jam and it was... 1 minute. I was confused because, well, I could ad a timer for a game but, I knew that Scratch does not have a timer, it has only a stop watch. Plus, I didn't knew how to add a timer because, well, I was 10 at that time and I had only 3 months of experience in scratch.org. But I got a plan. I'll make a game, even though it was boring, and so, it was originally the good idea and literally boring and stupid. This idea was inspired by There is no Game, in which, a (non) game speaks to the player that there is no game, but slowly, things starts to be a game! Mine's not like that but the program talking to the player was really nice! And at the climax of my game, they ask certain questions. But all options lead to the same. I'm now thinking about to add certain different dialogues when clicked. So, at first, I got the first scene like the software is thinking that the player is me, but then understands that it's not me, but another player. So, he askes their name and whether they know me. But he doesn't trust them. He really, in fact, want to kill me! But he first tries to kill the player with the help of the Terminal-Bot-200 TM, which I made for special circumstances. I thought of making it follow the mouse pointer. But, I had some errors. And I tried to fix it. But then, I realized that it's 11 pm and it was really cold! So, I got to sleep and work for the next day.

Day 2

So, I decided that this Bot's function has to be changed. So, I changed it to kill the program directly instead! And then, I thought of to save it. That's how Bio form is made! When the software's about to die, I made it open the bio. But this was the problem: I need to put 3 questions, with 2 options, means 6 options, 6 broadcast messages. That made me hopeless, but I want to post my game on my very first jam, that was my omen. So, I did it, with doing lot's of broadcast messages and like that zany stuffs! And while I was seeing There is no Game's gameplay, I found that the last question of the software is completely wrong, everything. I made that idea in the 3rd question. And finally it made an error 404 not found message. I got that from the Microsoft 10's OS crash. And finally, with the last finishing touches, I made the game!

And I posted the game in the jam, and I was the second person to post the game in the game jam. I was so happy!

Day 3

So, the final day, I made a person play my game, at first, he said that all the answers made the same thing. That's really true. And then, he said that this is a really good story. I mean, another 2 persons made a story like game! And I was completely happy. I then played other few browser playable games, and so, I got the record of making a game in 2 day as a first jam submission.

PS: Want to know my marks? I got 17/20 in all subjects except English, which is 19/20. I mean, I could do better!!!

Thank you,



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Jul 19, 2021


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Hi, so you may know the real story of this stupid game..